Bylaws Committee (OPEN)

The Bylaws Committee is charged with the ongoing review of the AAENP Bylaws for areas that may be in need of revision.

Education Committee

Chair: Tiffany Andrews | Contact via Email

The Education Committee is charged with evaluating activities and programs related to training, continuing education, and academic education, both graduate and undergraduate. These responsibilities include recommendations on programs, education policy, and curricula in areas relevant to advanced practice nursing. 

Finance Committee

Chair: Judson Smith, Chair | Contact via Email

The Finance Committee is charged with an audit oversight function and a policy advisory function and may be assigned additional objectives by the president. As audit overseers, the committee performs a detailed analysis of the AAENP budget and other financial reports ensuring due diligence and proper accounting principles are followed. 

Membership Committee

Co-Chair: Brittany Hines | Contact via Email

Co-Chair: Nicole Martinez | Contact via Email

The Membership Committee is charged with monitoring all aspects of membership, including prospective member outreach and retention—bringing in new members, teaching them about the Academy and its benefits and then ensuring that the member experience meets everyone’s expectations. 

NP Validation

Chair: Wesley Davis | Contact via Email

The NP Validating/Credentialing/Scope of Practice Committee is charged with 1) supporting the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board (AANPCB) with ongoing ENP exam development and maintenance, 2) overseeing, coordinating, and maintaining guideline development and 3) disseminating the Scope of Practice and Standards, Practice Standards (Competencies) and the ENP Core Curriculum. The committee also continually collaborates with other organizations in order to disseminate findings to AAENP membership and external organizations to support and advance ENP practice. The Validation committee is inviting interested members to join our efforts in advocacy and validation of the ENP role.

Practice Committee

Co-Chair: Elda Ramirez | Contact via Email

Co-Chair: Paula Tucker | Contact via Email

The Practice Committee is charged with promoting the practice of emergency nurse practitioners by ensuring safe, high-quality patient care and advocating for practicing ENPs and their patients. The Practice Committee oversees, coordinates, and is responsible for guideline development and dissemination, patient safety, practice improvement, and quality measures.

Political Action/Advocacy Committee

Co-Chair: Sharon Rainer | Contact via Email

Co-Chair: Amy Meredith | Contact via Email

The Political Action/Advocacy Committee is charged with providing strategic advice, counsel, and options to the Board of Directors regarding how the Academy can be responsive to and advocate for society’s needs for emergency nurse practitioners and how to advance the profession within public policy arenas, including but not limited to legislative and regulatory venues.


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