AAENP Academic Program Validation Application

Validation is the official recognition on the AAENP website that an emergency nurse practitioner (ENP) academic program meets the standards established by the AAENP Validation Committee for the inclusion of appropriate specialty content.  Academic and fellowship programs must receive validation to be listed on the AAENP website.

To obtain validation, program should follow these steps:

1.     The program submits an Intent for Validation Review letter and pays the deposit.  Click here to review the Standards for Emergency Nurse Practitioner Academic Program ValidationIntent for Review Fee: $1,000

Submit Your Intent for Validation Review Letter

2.     The program submits a Complete Application as outlined in the Standards for ENP Academic Program Validation handbook to AAENP and pays the complete application fee to initiate the review process. Application Fee: $1,000

Submit the Full Application